11/09/20 It feels like a long time has passed since I wrote the below information regarding the corona virus pandemic and what precautions we at DLcleanwindows are taking to protect ourselves and our customers. I have been contacted by Rehab4Addiction who have provided a resource to help people through these difficult times and felt that by providing a link to the information here on our website it may be of help to someone. 




Covid-19 (Corona Virus)

We are currently monitoring and taking very seriously the current fast changing events. All official advice and guidance is being followed. 


At this stage DLcleanwindows is currently working as usual whilst taking extra precautions. Government guidelines state: 'only travel for work if that work can absolutely not be done from home'.


Our primary business is external window cleaning, with little contact with our customers (social distancing), we are unlikely to come into contact with the virus by working outside and away from other people (current information is the virus remains alive for short periods on external hard surfaces, by wearing gloves, washing hands and being mindful we can protect ourselves).

We ask that anyone that is suffering symptoms and/or self isolating to please inform us so we can take extra measures so we can protect ourselves and more vulnerable customers.


Can Covid-19 be contracted from External Hard Surfaces?

Because Covid-19 is a new or 'novel' virus there is little test data available. All that can be done is make comparisons with treatments found to be successful in the case of similar coronaviruses.

The data so far from the WHO (world health organisation) pertains to inside sanitation - evidence suggest that the virus can remain alive, in optimal conditions, for between 2 hours to 9 days on internal hard surfaces. It is likely to remain alive for short periods on outside hard surfaces.

It is unlikely the majority exterior surfaces need to be sanitised,  with the exception of doors, door handles, letterboxes, handrails and other surfaces frequently or likely to be frequently touched by humans. 


Continuing Window Cleaning

DLcleanwindows current residential window cleaning includes cleaning our customers doors as standard. We will be paying particular attention to door handles and letterboxes. Letterboxes are usually avoided as some can leak, however we feel this is a small compromise to make.


We have invested in the reach and wash, water fed pole method for window cleaning and this is our primary method. We do still use traditional mop and squeegee however although unlikely to transmit the virus, we are unable the sterilize the equipment between uses, it is also not practical to utilize a fresh mop or squeegee blade.

As the virus is likely to remain alive for short periods of time on external surfaces and our water fed pole brush heads have a constant flow of fresh water over them which is also heated, we will utilise this method even more than we do already to minimise further the risk of transference from one property to another.


Business and uncertain times

We are expecting a downturn in business as our customers also struggle. We fully understand and appreciate your situation so please do let us know and we will postpone/skip your scheduled clean, we will hold your slot and get in touch with you again on your next due date. Please do just let us know if you'd like to postpone further, we hope the situation has improved by then.


Having recently invested by purchasing two new vehicles we are particularly worried for the future of our business. 

We believe it may be possible to add additional services to help us survive these unprecedented times. Our vehicles are fitted with hot water boilers, hot water being better for cleaning purposes. Along with using disinfectant we believe we may be able to provide external sanitisation services.

This service is most likely suitable for commercial premises where they may have external hard surfaces such as doors, door handles and handrails and may not have the facilities or ability to be able to clean themselves.


Hot soapy water helps break down the outer lipid bilayer of viruses, see this useful article on why handwashing is so important:




Measures we are taking - 

  • External services only - not entering any residential properties
  • 2m social distancing
  • Gloves
  • Hand washing/hand sanitizer
  • reducing travel by only quoting during our normal routes/rounds
  • same working teams


Resources -

General information – and a downloadable pdf – from the World Health Organisation: www.who.int/publications-detail/water-sanitation-hygiene-and-waste-management-for-covid-19


NHS information on self-isolation: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/self-isolation-advice


NHS online self-assessment test: https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19


.gov guidance documents: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/social-distancing-in-the-workplace-during-coronavirus-covid-19-sector-guidance