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The windows look great by the way, never knew I would be excited about clean windows before, but it really has made such a difference!
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This page is to provide information and hopefully answer some very common questions!


Reminders and Payment

If you have opted for a regular window clean, you will receive an email reminder a few days before each clean.

As long as we have access, gates, garage doors unlocked or keys/codes etc, we will carry out the clean and leave an invoice. Payment to be made within 14 days by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Even easier is our payment system. A one time set up and forget you never have to worry about matching the account or log on to you internet banking again!
A direct debit, it isn't automatic. Linked with our scheduling software, only once the job status has been changed to 'done', can the payment be processed.

Covered by the direct debit guarantee, you get an email informing you of the transaction, can cancel at any time and I've been told even have the payment refunded after it has gone through. Something you can't do with a bank transfer! (Although I've never had anyone do that so no idea how it works!)

If we don't carry out the clean you don't get charged, for example if the van breaks down and we don't manage to get to you.

I no longer provide invoices (can do on request) for those using the payment system, which saves wasting paper, ink and envelopes. Trying to be a bit more environmentally conscious and save waste! Most invoices and envelopes end up in the bin after all!


Here's the link to set up:


Window cleaning

Our 'go-to' method is to use mop and squeegee for internal window cleaning and pure water through water fed poles for exterior window cleaning.

Water's natural state is not pure. Therefore pure water acts like a magnet actively absorbing contaminants such as dirt, minerals and chemicals. We expect spotting may occur on your first couple of cleans.


There are a couple of reasons for this :


1-Upvc air vents in particular tend to get very dirty and whereas some window cleaners avoid these, we would rather clean them. This usually causes water drip marks down the middle of the glass. Very easy to splash or get water up into the air vent when giving them a good scrub. It then drips for ages!


2-Chemicals such as glass cleaners gets absorbed by the rubber seals around the glass. Pure water will draw these out during the drying process. A natural process that rain water also causes, there is no way to speed this up, depending on how much and what has been used will determine how long this will take. Windolene in particular for some reason seems to take awhile to clear..?

This usually causes spotting along the edge of the glass.


Poor technique usually results in spotting all over the glass. You can normally see if the operator is left or right handed and the rinse pattern used!


Rain water is not actually dirty. Measuring total dissolved solids (or tds) pure water measures 0ppm (parts per million). By taking readings myself, I have found rain water to measure around 30ppm. Our tap water to vary from 100-150ppm depending on the time of year. Rain water being reasonably low tds, it is the dirt already on the windows or above that is dislodge during rainfall, or things such as the chemical residue in the seals and the natural absorption process mentioned above, that will appear as spotting. That's why using pure water to clean windows, removing all the dirt and chemical residues, leaves a longer lasting finish than traditional mop and squeegee!


For a squeegee to glide across the glass, an agent has to be used. This leaves a film for dust and dirt to stick to and is absorbed by the rubber seals causing spotting when it rains. Although mop and squeegee give an immediate shine, we find it is short lived and soon looking grubby again, why we prefer to use water fed poles.

It is also far safer to be able to clean the windows from the ground, than working from a ladder! 


Please make sure to give the insides a wipe over first! In autumn especially when the sun is lower. It will look streaky and can usually see when a cloth has been used to wipe over the glass.



We are always very happy to return and re-clean as soon as possible, usually much less but within 14 days.

Just get in touch and let us know on the day or the next day of your clean. Letting us know quickly helps us to assess the problem. We try our best but we do sometimes get our technique wrong, it's physical work after all and we may have had a long day!

It could also be something simple such as cleaning the windows in a different order, or there could be another problem such as our equipment, filters, pumps, brushes etc! We would rather rectify the problem so please do let us know.




We use a 5 stage filtration process to filter tap water. The run-off from cleaning the windows is safe for plants. Pure water although very good for hydration purposes as plants do not need to filter out the impurities, it actually doesn't offer much nutritional value as it lacks the natural minerals and elements needed.


Gutter clearing

Our method is to use a gutter vacuum system, so we can suck out debris from the ground. A powerful vacuum that can lift some surprisingly large bulky growths. 
We will on occasion still have to use a ladder to reach and clear downpipes and elbows or severely blocked gutters. We can only do so up to 10m, around the height of the guttering of a fairly typical house, due to safety and insurance reasons. Any higher will usually require alternative access equipment such as a cherry picker, scaffolding or tower. Luckily the gutter vacuum is usually strong enough to clear most blockages!