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Gutters full of moss and debris in Exeter
Gutters full of moss and debris in Exeter

Please note - this service is currently unavailable. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we decided to focus on what we do best and lost a team member so now don't have the free time for large projects. This website page has not been deleted as we hope to add this service back in the future.


Your properties roof can become covered in algae, moss, lichen and other organic growths. 

  • Unsightly reducing the overall appearance of your roof and home;
  • Roots grow in the gaps, increasing gaps in the roof tiles, loosening them and providing a route for water underneath;
  • Moss especially can act like a sponge holding water and adding to the overall weight on the roof.
  • Moss falls off into guttering causing blockages. Please see our gutter clearing page for further info.


DLcleanwindows can now provide roof clearing and treatment services in Exeter and East Devon, opting for a two stage approach.


Stage 1:

Roof clearing to remove large growths such as moss. This involves scraping the moss down off the roof, cleaning up the remains and clearing the guttering.


Stage 2:

Treatment to reduce or completely remove other biological growths such as algae and lichen. Removal of the biofilm can greatly improve the appearance of the roof, often returning near to it's original state and/or colour. The treatment is not instant. Although the effects can be seen very quickly, normal weathering and time is required to lift stubborn growths such as lichen. Full effects visible in 6-12 months dependent on the weather. During the chemical reaction the treatment biologically breaks down reverting to natural salts. A follow up treatment in 6-12 months will help extend the period before