Farewell to 2020

First of all thank you to all our customers. We value each and every one of you, thank you for your continued custom through what has certainly been a difficult year!


2020 started with us in a great place, 2019 had been a great year and we were happy and looking forward to moving onwards and upwards in 2020.

We invested in another new van with a 650ltr hot water system ready to kick start and be able to fit in all those new customers we hoped to see...

Well 2020 had other ideas, the sudden news of a new viral pandemic sweeping the world which saw us being in 'lockdown'. What a confusing time for all, it was all new and nobody really knew what to do. Information was scarce, and what was there was a jumbled mess which was knee deep, the only option - to wade through. Fortunately I'm not the the of person to make rash decisions so I spent a lot of time researching. Fortunately we could still work as the message of no non-essential travel was added too a few days later - "unless for work which cannot be done from home". Well it is essential I pay my bills and unless my customers bring their windows to me to clean...?


With schools closed we now also faced having our four children at home. Louise and I had been working our rounds together up to this point so it was a case of divide and conquer. Louise staying at home to look after the children whilst I went out to compete the work by myself. Not an easy task, we had filled our rounds and organised ourselves around being together. It really was a two person job. I dug deep and plowed through. I've damaged my shoulder in the process which I'm still suffering with now, but it had to be done.

I really don't envy Louise being at home. Having the children home during the six weeks holiday is difficult enough, with the added task of having to get them sat doing school work too...to them it was all one big joyful extended holiday. I certainly wouldn't have coped! I would definitely would have a lot less hair then my short top and sides I have now ;)!  


We had just started adding to our services but decided to cut back to focus on what we are good at. I think this was the right decision as streamlined our business and made it much more manageable with all the added complications of home life being turned upside down.


Going into 2021, for me signifies the start of the new 'normal'. However that looks, I believe we need to face the fact the this pandemic is here to stay and going to change the world around us forever. We need to work together to figure out how to continue our day to day lives.

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