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The windows look great by the way, never knew I would be excited about clean windows before, but it really has made such a difference!
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Residential window cleaning including the glass, frames, sills and doors.


Our business is established on Window Cleaning, cleaning our first window in 2013.


We always clean the glass, (upvc, wooden or aluminium) frames and sills every time and our quotes include this as standard.


100% satisfaction guarantee, just get in touch on the same or next day as your clean and we will return to re-clean.


We use the cleaning method best suited to the task at hand, using traditional mop and squeegee and modern pure water, water fed poles. For example a new build house, what is referred to as a 'builders clean', we find it's best to use traditional methods to remove film, stickers and glue residue.


For maintenance cleaning our standard practice is to use modern water fed pole methods on all exterior residential pvcu windows. Water fed pole window cleaning, results in a longer lasting clean then traditional methods, this is because no dirt is left behind for rain to then dislodge and deposit on the glass and no residue from cleaning fluids for dirt to stick too.


On average, for regular customers, we use under 25ltrs of pure water on a 3 bed semi-detached property. We often hear of problems associated with the water fed pole window cleaning and see many of the bad habits of other window cleaning service providers. It's these bad habits and not the method that's the problem, putting the brush on walls for example can result in debris, grit and stones on the bristles, causing scratches to the glass. Leaving water running when moving around the property or stopping for a chat causing drenched floors. It's these bad habits and more, that DLcleanwindows avoid, and why many of our clients recommend us to their friends and family.


Health and safety legislation does not outright ban the use of ladders, but as water fed pole window cleaning offers the same or superior results (if used correctly) from the safety of the ground, it is now considered standard practice worldwide, especially for commercial customers adhering to H&S and risk assessments. 


We are a member of the BuyWithConfidence scheme which is run by trading standards. We have been approved and vetted and commit to adhering to strict policies such as no door to door sales. Click above to visit their website to find out more and our listing with 40+ reviews!