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Gutters full of moss and debris in Exeter
Gutters full of moss and debris in Exeter

Your properties guttering plays an essential part in preventing damp and water damage. Routine maintenance by clearing your guttering can help prevent your gutters from overflowing and the costly damage this can cause.


Overflowing guttering can cause damp and mold. The extra weight puts stress on the joints and fixings requiring repairs that otherwise may cause leaks.


At DLcleanwindows we provide a gutter clearing service in Exeter and East Devon by hand and using a vacuum system safely reaching up to 30 feet from the ground.
We can add an appropriate schedule to our planning system and provide reminders when this is due, taking away the need to find a service provider year on year.
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Gutter, fascia and soffit cleaning also available. Greatly improve the appearance and curb appeal of your property.