31. May 2018
The new van with 650ltr tank two operator system and twin electric reels. Big thank you to the team at Varitech Systems

01. April 2018
Sadly saying farewell to Connor.
23. February 2018
It wasn't easy, but we have done it! Finally moved and a much more happy family. We all can't wait to become apart of this new community and the start of our next adventure.
18. October 2017
Overflowing gutters can cause all sorts of damage to property such as damp, mould structural damage.... the list goes on. Keeping the gutter clear every one or two years is a cost effective way to prevent more major problems

11. September 2017
Here is a picture whilst applying the biocide to a small section of the wall, you can clearly see the improvement and the process has not been completed yet!

11. September 2017
Another workshop with metal cladding cleaned by the DLcleanwindows team. In the first photo next door (the clean bit to the right of the photo) looks ok. Surprising how cleaning our customers section made next doors not look quite as good!

05. July 2017
Impressive result softwashing a full house ready to be painted.

19. June 2017
Impressive result cleaning the cladding on this industrial building using specialist biodegradable sodium hypochlorite based biocide. The results speak for themselves!

06. June 2017
The new website is going well. We have a new email address, software, cleaning system and a new member to the team!
26. May 2017
Busy day today with lots of shop front cleans. We don't just clean the glass. We also clean the frames, signs and can clear and disinfect the pavement/doorway.

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