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21. February 2019
Rather proud at my first attempt video editing! Residential window cleaning carrying out a first clean. This window hadn't been cleaned in a while so first sprayed with diluted ubik. A good scrub. Then rinse with plenty of pure water.
21. February 2019
Our first ever video! Showing how we do a first clean on a window.
27. November 2018
Your guttering is essential to prevent water damage such as damp. Regular gutter clearing is a simple cost effective way to prevent problems and costly repairs.

06. June 2017
The new website is going well. We have a new email address, software, cleaning system and a new member to the team!
26. May 2017
Busy day today with lots of shop front cleans. We don't just clean the glass. We also clean the frames, signs and can clear and disinfect the pavement/doorway.