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26. February 2019
Our window water fed pole system with 5 stage filtration, 650ltr baffles flat tank and able to produce HOT water. Supplied and installed by Varitech systems in Newton Abbot, a global leader we wanted to make sure we used another local company. #windowcleaning #hotwatersystem #purewater #varitech
21. February 2019
Rather proud at my first attempt video editing! Residential window cleaning carrying out a first clean. This window hadn't been cleaned in a while so first sprayed with diluted ubik. A good scrub. Then rinse with plenty of pure water.
21. February 2019
Our first ever video! Showing how we do a first clean on a window.
27. November 2018
Your guttering is essential to prevent water damage such as damp. Regular gutter clearing is a simple cost effective way to prevent problems and costly repairs.

09. October 2018
Enjoying stunning views across Exmouth cleaning the windows inside and out.

23. February 2018
It wasn't easy, but we have done it! Finally moved and a much more happy family. We all can't wait to become apart of this new community and the start of our next adventure.
11. September 2017
Here is a picture whilst applying the biocide to a small section of the wall, you can clearly see the improvement and the process has not been completed yet!

11. September 2017
Another workshop with metal cladding cleaned by the DLcleanwindows team. In the first photo next door (the clean bit to the right of the photo) looks ok. Surprising how cleaning our customers section made next doors not look quite as good!

05. July 2017
Impressive result softwashing a full house ready to be painted.

06. June 2017
The new website is going well. We have a new email address, software, cleaning system and a new member to the team!

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